One need no longer rack one’s brains to seek out a shop for diverse products one may require on a daily basis. These products can be toys and games or tools and items for sports, supplies for pets and office products. There are excellent stores such as svm products that have some truly unique products for sale including those listed above. These products are included under Patio Lawn & Garden and consist of top of the range BBQ products such as the Maverick wireless BBQ thermometer. SVM Products also have some great items one needs at home and the kitchen. One of these products is the Atomic bathroom digital alarm clock that will be an asset for any home.

maverick wireless bbq thermometer

For your successful barbecue there is no need now to guess the temperature. SVM Products have in ready stock some great BBQ products with the Maverick tag. These include Maverick Remote Smoker Dual Probe Wireless Thermometer ET 73 as well as the ET 732 (Copper) among many others. The ET 732 is a second generation model Maverick wireless BBQ thermometer that has a range of up to 300ft and can withstand a temperature of up to 716F. The wireless receiver has LCD beeper that beeps and flashes when meat temperature goes beyond your programmed temperature.

The Atomic Bathroom Digital Alarm Clock with its suction cup is the perfect companion for your bathroom. The radio-controlled clock receives radio signals from National Time Observatory and is therefore able to give you the day, month and time with split second accuracy. The suction cup makes it easy to place the clock over any smooth surface such as the wall tile or the mirror.


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