Internet has made online shopping quite simple these days. One can buy the things one needs simply by going online. There is an online store SVMProducts that has made it possible for customers to buy excellent and unique products at the most reasonable rates. One can therefore buy Patio, Lawn and Garden products, beauty products and lots more from this store. Under the Patio, Lawn and Garden category, you can buy the Grillbot that takes away the hard work out of keeping the grill clean and the Maverick probe that tells you the exact temperature of the meat from a distance of as much as 300ft.

maverick probe

The Grillbot is a robotic grill cleaner. It makes grill cleaning an easy task that one can accomplish with the push of a button. It cleans both gas and charcoal grills (hot or cold) automatically. The cleaning is accomplished with the help of three powerful motors and three brushes. There are built in sensors that regulate the robot speed as well as the direction. There is an LCD alarm and timer too that allows the user to take the pick between light or deep clean and gives a signal when the cleaning is over.

There are several versions of the Maverick probe. The Maverick Wireless BBQ ET 732 is a second generation model of the ET 73 that is still very popular. This probe has a range of 300ft and can withstand temperatures of up to 716F. It has a LCD receiver that lets you know when you are out of range. You can place order for these efficient products by visiting the company's website.


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