Ultra LED Stomp Rocket w/ Extra Ultra LED Stomp Rocket Refills


$ 39.99
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From the Manufacturer Stomp on the launch pad to send a foam tipped rocket up to 150ft in the air. Do it at Night and it looks like Fireworks. Remember all the fun you have the Ultra Stomp Rocket? Now you can have that same fun...at night! Each of the 4 rockets in the Ultra LED Stomp Rocket Kit is lighted with LED lights bright enough to double as a flashlight. Each rocket also features long lasting batteries that won't die after only an hour of play. So now that your outside play is no longer limited by how many hours of daylight there are, grab your Ultra LED Stomp Rocket, head outside and stomp away! From the Manufacturer: Ultra Refills can be used on LED machine but to light up you need LED Refills. This kit comes with 2 and they are also sold separately.

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