Scotty Peeler Label and Sticker Remover - Single Metal Peeler -SP2

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Scotty Peeler Label and Sticker Remover - Single Metal Peeler -SP2

Great value! Takes care of all of your "sticky" problems - Makes peeling off sticky labels easy, labels and stickers begone!

The Original SP1 is safe for use on paper

The SP-2 is safe for use on hard surfaces such as metal and glass, and has a self-lubricating sheath

No more broken fingernails!

Ergonomic design, Fits comfortably in your hand. Non-stick finish

This is the Scotty Peeler SP-2 label remover - the world's best label remover. The blade of the Scotty Peeler is made of surgical grade stainless steel that is sharpened to a razor edge so it is much more effective at removing labels and performing other tasks than other label removers made of plastic.

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