Pet Agree Ultrasonic Training Aid

K-ii Enterprises

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Pet Agree Ultrasonic Training Aid - Svmproducts

The Pet-Agree training aid is a compact, hand held device used to help maximize and reduce your training time. The Pet-Agree produces a distinct, ultrasonic tone when activated that will help naturally interrupt the pets behavior and provide for its full attention to your commands. The Pet-Agree is great for basic training and behavior modification. It is truly a humane Pavlovian device based on the principles of classical and operant training. The Pet-Agree can be used for training to help stop your dog from jumping up on people, excessive barking, chasing cars, biting or clawing, digging or use it to help protect yourself and your dog while out. The Pet Agree can cut down your training time from months to weeks.

  • Silent/Ultrasonic Tone-Natural attention getter " to the pet
  • Long Range Sound
  • Comes with a long battery life
  • Use in training for cats
  • Compact

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