Password Safe


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Password Safe

Deluxe Password Safe

Input up to 400 accounts then just remember ONE password to access the whole kit and caboodle

A secure way to remember all your passwords while protecting your identity

Unit auto-locks for 30 minutes after 5 consecutive incorrect PINs

Uses 3 AAA batteries, included. Approx.5" x 3.5"

Don't forget your passwords again. This password vault stores login/user name and passwords for 400 web sites or accounts. Simply enter one PIN number to access your passwords. Includes search function. Unit locks automatically for 30 minutes after five consecutive incorrect PIN attempts. Not connected to Internet, safe from online hackers. Large backlit LCD screen. Full QWERTY keyboard. Built-in flash memory retains passwords during infrequent battery change. Small, pocket-sized design. Can be reset to permanently erase all data. Operates on one CR2032 button cell battery.







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