OttLite Creative Curves LED Desk Lamp | Table Lamp, Task Lamp | 2.1A USB Charging Port, 4 Brightness Settings | Great for Home, Office, Dorm, Sewing Table


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OttLite Creative Curves LED Desk Lamp | Table Lamp, Task Lamp | 2.1A USB Charging Port, 4 Brightness Settings | Great for Home, Office, Dorm, Sewing Table

CREATIVE CURVES LED LAMP: The OttLite Creative Curves LED Desk Lamp is a great addition to your desk or side table. Touch-sensitive controls easily switch between four brightness levels up to 375 lumens and the diffuser provides even lighting.

ENERGY EFFICIENT: OttLite Natural Daylight LEDs are rated to last up to 40,000 hours providing superb brightness with reduced glare and eyestrain. This modern work light will keep on shining for any job.

BUILT-IN USB PORT: Includes a 5V, 2.1A USB port to fully charge phones and smartwatches, tablets, or any other USB powered device, making this light perfect for dorms, offices, living rooms or the bedside. It is a great gift for college students!

ADJUSTABLE NECK: This light provides a great range of motion thanks to the adjustable neck that can extend the height from 11.25” to 23.75”. Reposition the shade for the best glare-free position to suit your needs.

NATURAL DAYLIGHT: OttLite’s engineers and researchers have focused on bringing the power of natural daylight indoors. OttLite’s unique daylight illumination shows colors accurately and details with amazing clarity and reduced glare and eyestrain.

OttLite LED Creative Curves Desk Lamp USB Charging Flexible Neck Touch Switch Craft Lighting
USB Charging Port Charge Phones Tablets 5V, 2.1A Volt Amp

flex neck flexible adjustable height position move moveable adjust extend extendable

Touch Sensitive Switch Adjust Brightness Color Mode Push Button Change Settings

USB Charging Port (5V, 2.1A)
OttLite provides a powerful 5V, 2.1A USB charging port that ensures full charging of tablets, phones and other devices.

Flexible Neck
Flexible neck provides infinite adjustment, and holds position ensuring proper light placement, based on your specific lighting needs.

Touch-Sensitive Switch
Easily change brightness settings with the touch of a finger. One switch on the base controls all light functions providing simple operation.

4 four brightness settings levels adjustable dimmable dimming touch sensitive diffuser natural light
4 Brightness Settings
Choose from 4 brightness settings with the touch of a finger for the perfect amount of light

LED comparison natural daylight difference 5000k color temperature mode brightness color rendering
The OttLite Difference
Not all LED lighting products are created equal. OttLite has established strict standards for color temperature, brightness and light output for the ultimate LED lighting experience - providing reduced glare and eyestrain and superior color rendering.

Rated to last up to 40,000 hours, OttLite LED lighting is energy efficient. With a variety of lighting solutions, OttLite is an essential tool that helps you do what you love, longer.







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