Msa 30x Sound Amplifier Clamshell

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Msa 30x Sound Amplifier Clamshell - Svmproducts

Msa 30x Sound Amplifier comes in a Clamshell packaging. 

  • MSA 30X the discreet Sound Amplifier 
  • It does magnify sound up to 30X
  • You can charge this product, it comes with complete set.
  •  It's Rechargeable.


MSA 30X is the discreet sound amplifier. We don't want you to be embarassed by large and big amplifiers. MSA 30X is lightweight and comfortable. It can magnify up to 30 times. The Clear tubing of MSA 30X fits the contour of the ear making  it almost invisible on the ear of human being .

You can enjoy movie or any show without missing any word or you can have any conversation with friends in any crowded restaurant without struggling to hear.

Now you don't have to spend money on batteries. You can charge with the charger it comes with.

MSA 30X fits right or left ear, has adjustable volume control.


It Includes : MSA 30X device, 6 silicone ear buds, charging cradle, adapter and cleaning brush.


So Now you can buy MSA 30X today at a very discounted price !