Mice Cube 12 Pack - Reusable Humane Mouse Traps

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Mice Cube 12 Pack - Reusable Humane Mouse Traps

Easy to Use

One way swinging door

Safe, Clean, Silent, Re-usable

Humane live no-kill mouse trap - 12-Pack

Safe, Clean, Silent, Reusable - IT WORKS!!

The Mice Cube is a molded plastic mousetrap with a door that is free-swinging in an inward direction only. Small holes in the door allow the odor of the bait to escape to attract the mouse.

The mouse enters by pushing the light-weight door inward, which then closes by gravity, preventing escape. IT WORKS !! You never have to touch the mouse !! Mice Cubes aren't literally cubes, but rather dark black but somewhat translucent rectangles the size of a butter dish 2"x2"x 5.75".

Directions For Use:

1. To bait trap, spread peanut butter on a cracker and place it at the far end of the trap opposite the door. HINT: To help attract mouse to trap, spread a very thin layer of peanut butter on the swinging door - wipe of any excess so peanut scent remains, and the door swings freely.

2. Place trap along wall or in area where mouse droppings are prevalent. Warning: Check trap once or twice a day, as mouse will expire if left in Mice Cube.

3. To release the mouse, take the Mice Cube outside and turn the trap upside down. The door will open and the mouse can exit.

4. If mouse has expired in trap, you may dispose of it in a refuse container without ever touching the mouse!



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