Maverick Wireless Black Barbecue & Smoker Thermometer ET-732

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Maverick Wireless Black Barbecue & Smoker Thermometer ET-732

This LCD-displayed digital BBQ thermometer allows you to keep tabs on the current temperature. Grills and smokers may benefit from the Maverick Remote BBQ/Smoker Thermometer. Nothing beats this appliance when it comes to getting food to the proper temperature. You may monitor the temperature of the grill or smoker from up to 300 feet afar by using the blink or audio alert features.

𝐁𝐄𝐒𝐓 ππ”π€π‹πˆπ“π˜: Keep an eye on your food while cooking, roasting, or smoking with this maverick thermometer. It is impossible to prepare food at the right temperature without this device.

π–πˆπƒπ„ 𝐑𝐀𝐍𝐆𝐄: The range of this wireless barbecue thermometer is 300 feet. In addition, this remote bbq thermometer has an audible or visual alarm.

π“π„πŒππ„π‘π€π“π”π‘π„ πŒπŽππˆπ“πŽπ‘πˆππ†: Keeping an eye on the internal temperature of meat in a smoker or oven is easy with this Maverick wireless thermometer. Up to 572 Fahrenheit, this bbq thermometer can detect.

𝐋𝐂𝐃 πƒπˆπ’ππ‹π€π˜:This remote thermometer has a receiver with an LCD that beeps and lights up if the meat temperature exceeds a pre-programmed range. Also, this maverick bbq thermometer has a count up and down timer.

π“π„πŒππ„π‘π€π“π”π‘π„ π’π€π…π„π“π˜: This maverick thermometer barbecue receiver emits an alert if the temperature exceeds 572 degrees F. This temperature safety helps prevent accidents.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • 300 feet massive range
  • A reminder appears at 572 Fahrenheit
  • LCD of receiver has a backlight for night use

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