Maverick Et-733 Wireless Smoker Thermometer Gray with 6 Feet Hybrid Probe


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Set includes receiver, transmitter, 2 hybrid probes & 2 grill clips ? Monitors 2 things at once! 1 food and 1 BBQ or 2 foods or 2 BBQS. ? Probe wires are 3 ft long and are rated for 716deg;F It Includes also : 6 Feet Maverick ET 733 or ET 732 Original Hybrid Probe ? Receiver stores settings even when unit is off ? 6 preset temperatures for Beef, Veal, Lamb, Pork, Chicken and Turkey ? 9 BONUS preset temperatures for Game meats, Deer, Elk, Moose, Buffalo, Rabbit, Boar, Duck, Bird & Fish ? Customize preset temperatures to personal taste ? Raise all temperature settings by pressing HI or lower them by pressing LO ? Audio alarm alerts you when preset temperature is reached ? Loss of signal alert if you go out of range for more than a minute ? Large 300 ft range ? Select between Fahrenheit and Celsius ? The receiver will display 32deg;F to 572deg;F ? In BBQ mode you can set the high alert range from 140deg;F to 572deg;F and 32deg;F to 554deg;F in the low alert range ? 4 AAA batteries included. It Includes One hybrid probe also which can be used for food and Bbq both.

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