Maverick Et-733 Gray Long Range Wireless Thermometer with Magnet


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Maverick Et-733 Gray Long Range Wireless Thermometer with Magnet - Svmproducts

Bored troubled using low range, inefficient BBQ thermometers ? Take a look at the new Maverick ET-733 Remote Smoke thermometer that bundles impressive functional features to make your BBQ experience overwhelming. This third generation version comes with improved features like a larger display and Original Meathead Meat Temperature Guide. This new version is easy to setup as well as use. Select from Available Preset Temperatures. Set your Custom BBQ Temperature With the Advanced Maverick ET-733. Maverick ET-733 is an advanced wireless BBQ thermometer packed with some amazing new features to make your grilling easier like never before. This advanced version of ET 733 features a receiver with a Large Size LCD display with back light that enables clearly viewing the temperature from both probes at the same time and even during night. When meat temperature deviates from the setting already pre-defined, the receiver beeps and flashes continuously to alert the user. Its wireless receiver is also quite easy to clip onto the belt. The long range thermometer operates on 4AAA batteries which are included in the product box. It allows meat temperature monitoring from 300 feet distance. This new version comes with 6 preset temperatures for Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Veal, Lamb, and Pork. Besides these, there are 9 additional preset temperatures for Buffalo, Rabbit, Deer, Elk, Bird, Fish, Moose, Boar, and Duck. Moreover, you can also customize the BBQ temperatures as per your need. One of the most incredible aspects associated with the advanced Maverick ET-733 is its availability with original Meathead Meat Temperature Magnet Guide. It is a comprehensive guide to meat temperatures that will provide you the correct temperature ranges for making different types of meat. Besides it, you will also come to know the right serving temperature for a variety of meat types by following this useful meat temperature guide.