Maverick Et-732 Gray Remote Bbq Smoker Thermometer


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Maverick Et-732 Gray Remote Bbq Smoker Thermometer - Svmproducts

Maverick ET732 is a long range BBQ smoker meat thermometer that allows you to monitor meat's internal temperature while being 300 feet away. It includes a wireless receiver featuring an LCD display as one of its main components. With this compact thermometer, you can stay relaxed & relieved of monitoring the meat temperature again & again. Simply install the thermometer and program the temperature you want to set. You will get an alert from the receiver whenever the meat temperature goes above or falls below your pre-programmed temperature. Even if you want to use it at night, forget having a hard time as it receiver's LCD features backlight that simplifies the task. Its receiver also has a built in stand and belt clip that allow you to place it easily. While receiver has an in-built stand, the transmitter comes with a removable wire stand that also serves as a hanger depending on the requirements. You can inert the heat resistant food probe wire into the meat to a depth of 6". Heat resistance of both probe wires is 716 degree Fahrenheit. In case the transmitter is beyond the reachable range or has no more access to the radio frequency signal, there is another alert for that as well.

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