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This is how to clean a grill ‰ÛÓ with the world's first automatic grill cleaning robot. Simply place the GRILLBOT on your grill, press a button and you're done. It does all the grill cleaning for you ‰ÛÓ no more scrubbing! åÊ

After the party, don‰۪t clean the grill. Order your GRILLBOT today and let it take care of that messy grill for you!åÊ

åÊProduct Specs :


* Automatic grill-cleaning robot
* Cleans both gas and charcoal grills
* Suitable for stainless steel, porcelain, cast iron, or expanded steel grills
* Even cleans just-used grills, as long as they're under 250å¡ (usually 5-10 minutes after the flames are out)
* Three electric motors
* Three replaceable brass brushes (up to100 uses)
* Built-in sensors regulate robot speed and direction
* Built-in LCD alarm and timer allow you to decide on light clean or deep clean, and signals when cleaning is complete
* Batteries: Lithium rechargeable battery
* Charging time: ~4 hours
* Dimensions: 3 1/2" tall x 8" diameter
* Weight: 3.3 lbs.
* Brushes are dishwasher safe
* Includes Grillbot, 3 brass brushes, rechargeable battery pack, and charger (110-220V)


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