Flies Be Gone - Non Toxic Fly Trap-BRAND NEW

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Flies Be Gone - Non Toxic Fly Trap-BRAND NEW

* Just unpack, add bait with some water, and hang it up

* A safe and effective way to eliminate all flies, even pesticide resistant flies

* Trap works by using natural fly food as bait that smells so good to flies they can't resist it

* Once the trap heats up the smell will dissipate and expand the area of protection

* In only a few days, you will see the fast acting results, Each Bag Catches Up to 20,000 Flies in Each Trap

Packaging may Vary !

Flies Be Gone is intended for outdoor use only.
Once the formula, composed of food materials, is poured into the trap you simply add water then hang the trap in direct sunlight.
When they warm in the sun, the food scents drift out of the trap and into a wide are of the atmosphere.
This attracts the flies!
The warmer it is, the faster the trap works.
No Toxins, No Poisons, No Insecticides Each Bag Catches Up to 20,000 Flies in Each Trap Highly Effective! Maintenance Free and Completely Disposable. 18 billion flies can't be wrong!

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