Flies Be Gone MONSTER Soda Bottle Fly Trap (2 Pack) Reusable, 100% Non-Toxic


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Flies Be Gone MONSTER Soda Bottle Fly Trap (2 Pack) Reusable, 100% Non-Toxic

COMPLETE KIT – MADE IN USA Each Complete with reusable yellow screw on tops, KM 34 bait, and 18 inch reinforced suspension straps to hang the traps from a tree, wall, fence, etc. Just attach an empty two liter soda bottle and add 3 inches of warm water. Now available in 2 Pack and 6 Packs.

FLIES BE GONE KM34 BAIT ACTIVATES ON DAY ONE – NO WAITING Remains active for up to 4 weeks. Flies Be Gone KM34 Replacement Baits now available in 2, 6 and 12 refill packs. SAFE Hung away from the area you want to protect, the specially formulated “gourmet fly food” attracts flies into the soda bottle, away from your patio, your food and out of your life.

SIMPLE TO USE Suspension strap and yellow screw top remain in place for you to easily hang the next bottle. Only the used soda bottle and the KM34 bait need to be replaced.

RECYCLE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT Combines the advantages of both a disposable and a reusable fly trap. On other reusable traps, you have to clean out the container in order to reuse it. But with THE MONSTER Soda Bottle Trap, you replace the two liter soda bottle container, which was going to be thrown out anyway. Free green upcycling at its best!

NO POISONS Non Toxic KM34 bait is effective, economical, requires no maintenance, earth friendly. Suitable for protecting patios, BBQ’s and entrances to your home or restaurant.

Flies are dangerous. In addition to being carriers of filth, flies may aid in the transmission of many harmful human diseases.
Unfortunately, pesticides used to control fly populations can often be more dangerous than the insects themselves. If improperly used, pesticides have been linked with multiple medical problems.

No one likes flies... But flies love us.

Flies Be Gone has developed products to attract flies away from your protected area without the use of poisons. Flies Be Gone KM34 Bait is a superior non-toxic solution designed to lure the flies into the trap without the dangers that pesticides pose, and at only a fraction of the cost.

Once flies have entered a building, half of the battle is already lost. The time to stop flies is while they are still outside. Flies Be Gone is an effective perimeter defense, trapping the flies outside before they overwhelm the indoor areas. Using the exclusive KM34 formula, Flies Be Gone is perfect for reducing fly populations in high-infestation areas.

The formulation is like a gourmet fly meal, attracting flies away from your patio, BBQ, outdoor eating area, pool, terrace. Good in commercial settings, restaurant entrances, dumpster areas, loading docks. Also perfect for feed lots, poultry farms, dairy farms, stables, kennels and any outdoor areas where flies are a problem.

"THE MONSTER" Soda Bottle Fly Trap will catch flies by the liter.

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