Dr. Brite Antioxidant-Rich Natural Healthy Gums Toothpaste (5 Oz) Chocolate Mint


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Dr. Brite Antioxidant-Rich Natural Healthy Gums Toothpaste (5 Oz) Chocolate Mint

NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our vegan ingredients include antioxidant-rich, organic cacao that works to give you a bright, clean smile every morning with a great taste. We use no artificial sweetener, color, or flavor.

SAFE TO SWALLOW: Dr. Brite's toothpaste is EWG VERIFIED as a safe kid's toothpaste, an essential product for kids just starting their oral care! Our 100% edible ingredients make our toothpaste okay to swallow, so it's worry free! Not just for kids though - great for anyone in the family!

WHITENING WITH ANTIOXIDANTS: Our toothpaste contains organic cacao, which has natural antioxidants . Antioxidants keep your teeth bright and shining.

CLEANSES AND POLISHES: Dr. Brite's toothpaste will cleanse away any harmful bacteria in your mouth that may cause a cavity, or even bad breath. It will also polish every tooth, wiping away any plaque so you can show off your brilliant, bright smile every day of the week.

FRESH TASTE: You won’t be able to resist our amazing mint chip flavored toothpaste! Wake up to a clean smile and a great, mint chocolatey taste. We only use pure, organic extracts of mint and cacao.

Flavor Name:Mint Chip ' Size:5 Ounce (Pack of 1)
Enticing cool mint plus the richness of organic cacao equals a natural ingredients toothpaste that will make you forward to brushing twice a day. Organic cacao's antioxidant properties help protect mouths from the effects of daily pollution encountered everyday. Safe-to-swallow ingredients are blended to gently remove plaque and stains so you smile can stay radiant and free of cavities.







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