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Directconnect Roasting Thermometer


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Now, Your Phone Can Take the Heat The Maverickreg; Redi-Chek welcomes the age-old roasting thermometer into the 21st century. Gone are the days of guesswork and relying on temperamental analog gauges! At the heart of the Redi-Chekreg; is the simple idea that your modern-day smartphone or tablet has all the processing power you need for even the most advanced cook time calculations. The thermometer is therefore designed to collect temperature levels and send them directly to your phone or tablet over a 3.5mm (headphone jack) connection. An App to Make Food More Appetizing Getting the perfect cook on a chicken, roast or steak is arguably the key to delivering a mouthwatering meal. To make it that much easier, your purchase includes a FREE copy of the Redi-Chekreg; companion app. Download it from the App Store or Google Play, and you're ready to start 'chefing' in a matter of moments. With preset doneness temperature levels for 16 popular meats and 2 foods, it readily guides you to the ultimate dish. In addition, it calculates the remaining cook time and displays it in a real-time chart. Whip it out anywhere. Save the day. Remember those old clunky, big-needle roasting thermometers? Those certainly weren't very portable. The Redi-Chekreg;, on the other hand, fits neatly in your pocket for procurement at any given time. Lending a hand at a friends' dinner? Attending a BBQ? Produce your Redi-Chekreg;, uncoil the flexible stainless steel wire probe, and prove your undeniable worth in the kitchen. The wire probe is fully heat- and water-resistant and, at 59 inches long, can reach into any oven or pit without nearing your device to the heat.