Capsule Connection 00 Capsule Machine with 500 Whole Empty 00 Gelatin Capsules


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Capsule Connection 00 Capsule Machine with 500 Whole Empty 00 Gelatin Capsules

Fill Your Own Capsules. Make your own custom mixes with your own ingredients. Use quality and fresh raw ingredients and avoid the use of binders or excipients.

Quick and Easy The Capsule Machine is compact and works quickly and easily, capable of filling capsules in just 2 minutes. It automatically joins and ejects filled capsules.

Works with Supplements The Capsule Machine is suitable for most herbs, vitamins and health supplements. Build your own supplements and mix custom ingredients with this machine.

Includes Tamping Tool The Capsule Machine comes with a tamper for further ease of use.

Materials The Capsule Machine is made of two plastics, ABS and Delrin Acetal, that are BPA free.

This kit includes The Capsule Machine (Size "00") and a 500-count bag of "00" size gelatin capsules from Capsule Connection. This essential Capsule Machine 00 bundle was created to make it super easy to fill capsules at home. Fill your own capsules and take control of your health with the Capsule Connection Capsule Machine (Size "00"). The Capsule Machine is a quick and easy way to fill capsules and it’s suitable for home use. Bulk powder supplements are more cost effective and give you control over ingredients and quality, but powders can be messy and not very convenient for travel. If you have tried to fill capsules one by one you know how tedious and time consuming it can be. The capsule filling machine solves this problem by allowing you to fill capsules in as little as 2 minutes. ABS plastic material adheres to requirements regarding contact with food and drinking water, which have been established by the Food and Drug Administration. ABS has good chemical and stress-cracking resistance to inorganic salt solutions, alkalis, mineral acids (except strong oxidizing acids), and some mineral, vegetable, and animal oils. Petroleum-b

QUICK: Fills 24 capsules in as little as 2 minutes
AUTOMATIC: Capsule machine joins and ejects filled capsules
HEALTH: Suitable for most herbs, vitamins, and health supplements
CUSTOM: Builds your supplements and lets you mix custom ingredients







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