3 Sets Slendertone Gel Pads Replacement For all Slendertone ab belts


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3 Sets Slendertone Gel Pads Replacement For all Slendertone ab belts







The fundamental element for all Slendertone abdominal toning systems are the medical-grade Gel Pads, which are specifically designed to engage the targeted muscles. Our Gel Pads are the key to your toning results and comfort.


Our scientists have cracked the code when it comes to best-in-class muscle targeting and toning. All Slendertone products use medically graded Gel Pads which are positioned in carefully selected places to ensure optimal muscle targeting. Only Slendertone ab belts use the patented 3-pad-placement system, which is proven to target all of your abdominal muscles.


Compatible with ALL SLENDERTONE Abdominal toning belts, this set of replacement gel pads will help you get the most of your Slendertone product. The length of time gel pads last depends on a number of factors, including your skin type, frequency of use, and how the pads are stored (Slendertone recommends that you replace your pads after 20 to 30 sessions). Fortunately, these replacement pads are a breeze to use, with a latex-free, no-mess design that helps conduct electrical pulses to targeted nerves and muscles. All Slendertone replacement pads and accessories are manufactured to medical-grade and FDA-approved standards and are suitable for both men and women. Includes 3 full sets (9 Gel Pads).


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