SkyRest®️ Inflatable Travel Pillow for Buses, Comfortably Support Head, Air Pillow for Sleeping to Avoid Neck, Lumbar and Shoulder Pain, Pillows for Airplanes Buses Cars Office - With Free Earplugs, Eye Mask And Bag (Black)

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On a long journey, you always want to be comfortable, sitting for long is not feasible for any travelers. When it comes to regular travel it's more important, cause its a routine of your life, part of your lifestyle. SkyRest understands the pain of sitting in an uncomfortable seat on a flight, trying to get a few minutes of sleep before landing, but ultimately arriving at your destination with neck stiffness and back pain. For that, SkyRest delivers a comfortable solution to all your travel needs! Inflatable and portable travel pillows. SkyRest® patented design is ergonomic and one of the first to use the natural tendency of your head to tilt forward to help you sleep comfortably rather than just wake you up when your head falls forward. These inflatable pillows for men and women are easy to pack and carry onto any flight, car, or train, weight no more than 14 ounces even after inflation. These portable neck support travel pillows are made from durable, stretchable material meant to provide years of trouble-free operation. And, the one-way valve for quick and easy inflation and deflation. 6 breaths to top off inflation and 10 seconds to fully deflate; remove the air valve for easy deflation. Proven satisfaction for people ranging in height from 4'10" to 6'6". Rest pillow on the lap or serving tray, place head on Pillow, and place hands through designated holes. You can use these travel pillows for both children and adults. Inflate less for children, and more for adults. The travel head neck rest pillows are hand washable with mild soap and water. Air dry these pillows while avoiding direct sunlight. Use these anywhere, at airport lobbies, on flights, buses, trains, planes, cars, offices, or at home.


Brand Name: SkyRest®
Type: Travel Pillow
Product Dimensions: (11x18x10) inches when inflated
Material: High-quality durable PVC material
Weight: 14 ounces
Color: Black
Item Offered: 1 Travel Pillow With Free Earplugs, Eye Mask And Carrying Bag
Quality: High-quality
Condition: New
Care: Hand washable and air dry

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