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Stomp rocket

D+L Company Dueling Stomp Rocket Kit

D+L Company

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D+L Company Dueling Stomp Rocket Kit - Svmproducts

How about a little friendly competition to see whose stompin' skills are stronger? 2 kids 2 stomp pads 2 different colored rockets soaring up to 200 feet at the same time = Twice the fun! Perfect for parties! Also compatible with our Ultra Stomp Rocket LED Refills so you can continue your friendly competition well after dark.

  • Challenge your friends: 2 kids can launch rockets simultaneously!
  • Kid-powered: You stomp on the launch pad to send these Ultra Stomp Rockets up to 20 stories high -- that's 200 feet!
  • Winner of Creative Child Magazine's 2014 Preferred Choice Award
  • Includes a Dueling Base with 2 Stomp Launch Pads + 4 Ultra Stomp Rockets
  • No batteries required; super easy, fast assembly
  • Ages 8 and Up

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