It is best to use an accurate BBQ thermometer to get the right meat temperature on your all-important BBQ night. To help you achieve this, there are some good online stores that sell toys and games as well as tools & home improvement besides products for the patio, lawn & garden. One of the leading company offering quality products online, SVMProducts, has excellent stocks of wireless thermometers such as the Maverick ET 732 thermometer and similar products in its patio, lawn and garden category of products.

Maverick ET 732 is a digital meat thermometer that allows you monitor the meat temperature from a large distance. This not only helps monitor the temperature of the meat but adds the safety factor since you need not be close to the raging fire while measuring the temperature. SVMProducts offers BBQ thermometers in different styles, each characterized by its own set of features it offers. Each digital meat thermometer is quality tested to produce accurate results right through its working life.

maverick et 732 thermometerOne can get combo offers too when buying these thermometers. One such offer is for the meat thermometer that is available with Miracle Blade Steak knives. The Maverick ET 732 thermometer is the second generation model of the ET 73 which is still a very popular model. This one has a range of up to 300ft and can withstand temperatures of up to 716 Fahrenheit. The model has a receiver that gives you an alert when you are out of range. It also beeps and flashes whenever the temperature rises above or falls below the programmed range.


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