Online shopping can be great fun. Thanks to online shopping stores such as SVMProducts, it is now possible to simply relax and place orders. These orders can be for diverse goods that include the popular Maverick wireless BBQ thermometer set that will give you perfect BBQ results as well as the Stomp Rocket to entertain your kids. Here, you can buy office products as well as products for the home & kitchen.

maverick wireless bbq thermometer set

All products available at this store are of excellent quality. What will impress you is the fact that SVMProducts is focused on excellent customer service. Further, irrespective of whether you buy the Maverick grill thermometer or pet supplies, each product is covered by a 30-day return policy.

SVM Products is well known for its fine stock in barbecue Smoker Meat Thermometers such as the Maverick grill thermometers that are just perfect for monitoring the BBQ temperature. SVM also keeps a good stock of other products such as food probe, Hybrid Probe and many more besides.

The Maverick wireless BBQ thermometer set- ET 732 (Copper) is a superb second generation model of the very popular product ET 73. This excellent thermometer can measure temperatures from a distance of up to 300ft. Its receiver lets you know when you are out of range while its LCD beeps and flashes when the meat temperature goes beyond the temperature programmed by you. The thermometer has a count up and count down timer and the LCD of the receiver has a back light for use at night.


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