It is true that there are several online stores where one can find products such as Toys & Games or Office Products and Electronic items. But, SVMProducts is an online store with a difference. Here, one can find some of the most impressive BBQ products such as the Maverick wireless BBQ thermometer set along with the As Seen on TV Products that include the infrared pain relief device besides the Digital Indoor Antenna, Solar Cell Phone Charger and many more products.

SVMProducts focuses on customer satisfaction, excellent customer service, fast shipping and cheap prices with an efficient return policy. At SVMProducts, when you launch a search for the grill thermometer, you come across multiple offers that include different types of the Maverick grill thermometer. Each of these thermometers is specific to a certain task to be performed. You will therefore have a Maverick grill thermometer for 100ft range of measuring the food temperature as well as another for a range of 200ft or 300ft or even more.

maverick wireless bbq thermometer set

The other interesting feature with SVMProducts is that each of these thermometers is quality tested to produce very accurate results right through their working life. These thermometers also indicate whenever the food temperature deviates from the value already set by you.

The Maverick wireless BBQ thermometer set- ET 732 (Copper) is an advanced version of the basic and popular ET-73. This thermometer has a 300ft range and has an alert on the receiver when you are out of range as well as an LCD beeper that tells you whenever the food temperature falls below or rises beyond the set temperature.


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