Monitoring barbecue temperature may give a hard time to people who are unaware of the efficient temperature monitoring devices that are available in the market nowadays. You can easily get Maverick probe thermometers from SVMProducts as the company stocks a huge variety in the same. Depending on the chosen model, each Maverick thermometer offers different features that make your task of temperatureGrillbot monitoring quite easier.

Consider the Maverick Dual Probe Wireless Remote Smoker Thermometer for example that comes with a receiver, transmitter, 2 grill clips and 2 hybrid probes. It allows monitoring two things at the same time. Its 3 feet long probe wires are rated for temperatures equaling 716°F. Even when the unit is in off condition, its receiver is capable of storing the selected settings. Several preset temperatures are available which can be further customized as per preference. Moreover, when the preset temperature is reached, you get an alert in the form of an audio alarm.


Another product in this series available with SVMProducts is the Maverick Remote Smoker Dual Probe Wireless Thermometer ET-73 that comes loaded with more efficient features. Using this thermometer, you can regulate smoked meat's internal temperature from a distance of 100 feet. Just in case, the smoked meat temperature reaches a temperature higher than your programmed temperature, its wireless receiver featuring LCD beeps & flashes to alarm you.

You can even get a Grillbot Robot Grill Cleaner from SVMProducts to keep your barbecue grills clean. All products available with SVMProducts are quality tested to ensure high performance at all times.


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