Flowbee: All-in-One Solution for DIY Haircuts with Professional Results

The Flowbee is an innovative, all-in-one hair cutting instrument that produces results comparable to those in a professional salon. This cutting-edge device may be used for various styles, from short to long, and even for a whole makeover. Thanks to its user-friendly design and high-quality blades, you can trust that Flowbee will give you a precise and clean cut every time, regardless of how long or thick your hair is. DIY haircuts are now easier and cheaper than ever with the help of Flowbee, the market's most advanced do-it-yourself hair cutting machine.

Mention its history and when it was first introduced.

The flowbee is used as a haircutting attachment for electrical vacuum cleaners. Rick Hunts, a carpenter from San Diego, conceived the Flowbee in the '80s. The experience of using an industrial vacuum to remove sawdust from his hair motivated him to create the equipment, we know today. Rick Hunts first began selling Flowbees in 1988 from his garage.


How to Use a Flowbee

A flowbee haircutting system is a suction-based haircutting device that delivers precise and even shaves. Remember that it requires skill and experience to use the Flowbee effectively and produce a precise cut. If you want to keep your hair from falling out too much, it's best to start with longer spacers and work your way down to shorter ones. 

Step-by-step instructions on how to use a Flowbee for a haircut

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use a Flowbee for a haircut:

  • Attaching the Flowbee to the end of the hose with your vacuum is simple. If you plan on using a vacuum, be sure it has the appropriate attachment for the job.
  • If your hair grows to the length you want it to, you will need to use a spacer. The Flowbee may employ spacers in a range of sizes.
  • While the suction is active, keep the Flowbee near your head. You can clean your whole body with the Flowbee if you start at your head and work your way down to the rest of your body.
  • Place the Flowbee above your head and adjust it to the lowest level so the calming currents may go through your whole body. It may need many passes over each piece to get a clean and even cut.
  • The most comfortable placements for the smaller spacers are behind the ears and on the neck, respectively. The greatest results may be achieved by repeatedly and carefully gliding the Flowbee over this area slowly and steadily.
  • Unplug the Flowbee from the vacuum line whenever you are finished shaving or cutting your hair to release the air pressure in the device.
  • By giving the Flowbee a quick cleaning, you will be able to remove any stray hairs that may be on it. Remove hair from the blades using a clean, little brush or toothbrush and working in small sections.
  • Washing and drying your hair properly with a blow dryer is the most effective technique to eliminate flyaways.


  • Mention the different attachments available and which one to use for specific hairstyles.

The Flowbee may be customized with various attachments; some of the most popular are described here.

  • Most vacuums already have this basic attachment installed when you purchase them.
  • Longer, thicker hair is more readily sucked up by the equipment when used with a higher powerful vacuum.
  • Application to human scalps is not recommended; this product should only be used on the hair of animals.
  • People who want to cut their hair on their own often choose this option because it can be carried about easily and is simple.

Discuss the benefits of using a Flowbee over traditional methods of haircutting.

There are certain advantages to using a Flowbee over an ordinary trimmer for cutting hair.

  • Because the flowbee for sale is equipped with suction technology, hair is drawn into the blades for an even more precise shave. This is made feasible by Flowbee's unique design. This may be extremely useful in the long run for less experienced stylists who need help generating a consistent appearance.
  • If you possess a Flowbee, cutting your hair at home might save you more time and money than going to a professional stylist would. People who are always pressed for time and never have the luxury of focusing on their hair since they need more spare time can find this beneficial.
  • In the long run, you can save money if you use a Flowbee rather than going to the barbershop regularly to have your hair cut. As a result, there may be major cost reductions in the not-too-distant future.
  • If you have a Flowbee, you can get a haircut whenever you want without the need to make an appointment or even leave your house. You don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home. People who need help traveling about or living in areas without local salons may find this service to be of particular use.
  • The Flowbee is simple to maintain and needs a very little cleaning, making it a convenient choice. Consequently, it is an alternative that needs to be considered by those who, like barbers, would rather only devote a little bit of time and energy to the upkeep of the equipment they use to cut their clients' hair.

The Flowbee is a simple, cheap, and reliable tool for keeping your haircut in tip-top shape at home. Only some people can benefit from this haircut, but those looking for a low-maintenance, quick-fix option may love it.

Provide some tips for beginners using a Flowbee for the first time

We recommend that first-time flowbee hair cutter users begin with shorter intervals and work their way up to longer ones as they gain experience with the software. It would help if you started with these longer spacers to practice your technique and gain a feel for the Flowbee. Some have suggested that turning the mirror around might help prevent shaving cuts. When finished, you may double-check to ensure the cut is uniform on both sides. To get the most out of your Flowbee, keep it at eye level and in a horizontal position relative to the ground. This may help you achieve more consistent layering and more accurate slicing. The Flowbee may be cleaned by floating it over your head while you do your chores. It's easy to haste and end up with an uneven cut. 


Hair may get tangled in the Flowbee's blades if not cleaned regularly. When these measures are taken, the Flowbee will continue to be able to make precise cuts. Once you've mastered utilizing your Flowbee, you can give it a look and feel that's uniquely yours by experimenting with the included spacers. It is important to remember that Flowbee's strengths are not in terms of cutting accuracy or sophisticated styles; therefore, there are better options in these situations. If you need help learning how to operate the Flowbee, be bold about asking for assistance from a trusted friend or family member. Additionally, one may see a professional hairstylist to get their hair styled.

Follow these guidelines to get the most out of your Flowbee. Always give yourself a neat, professional-looking haircut at home.


All the tools you need to give yourself a salon-quality haircut at home are included in the Flowbee Haircutting Kit. With its sleek design and innovative suction technology, the Flowbee is a modern alternative to classic hair clippers. Because it can provide regular haircuts at a low price, it is a favorite among individuals who prefer to present themselves professionally. It is also a great alternative for those of varying skill levels. The Flowbee may be useful for any barber who works out of their house, regardless of expertise level. Visit svmproducts.com for this premium haircutting system of flowbee.

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